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Fur Cleaning & Maintenance in Los Angeles

Cleaning is as necessary and important as storing your fur garment in order to maintain your fur's original brilliance and luster. Cleaning is recommended to remove dust, dirt, oils and any other soiling that can accumulate on your furs even with limited wear. This allows your garment to bend and flexes the leather to help keep it soft and supple. The cleaning and conditioning process used on normal clothes would dry out your fur and make the leather fragile.
Fox fur
White fur
All furs are cleaned using a special non-immersion process commonly referred to as the furrier method. Linings are hand cleaned to remove make-up, dirt and stains. Furs are gently tumbled with solvent impregnated powders. Furs are glazed by an electrifying process that brings out the natural oils of the pelts to provide a look-like-new appearance. Linings are pressed. Fur and lining seams are repaired as needed. Flier Furs takes great care in producing beautiful, luxurious fur garments for our clients.

At Flier Furs Beverly Hills, we offer cleaning service for all types of furs, and this includes sable, Russian broadtail, fox, lamb, mink, chinchilla and shearling. We are able to clean wool, cashmere and leather. We also offer fur repair and alteration services for everything from mink coats to sable pillows and throws.
Woman wearing a dress made in fur