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Fur Storage in Los Angeles

Flier Furs in Beverly Hills is committed to helping you keep your fur coat, fur throws or other fur products in excellent condition with our full-service climate-controlled storage vault on premises. Proper fur storage is vital to the longevity of your furs, and our exceptional fur storage services are designed to protect the natural fibers from the elements to promote longer wear and superior condition over the years.
dress made in fur
Please call us today to set up your appointment to drop off or pick-up your garment(s). Our storage services have many purposes:

  • Preserve the beauty of your furs and prevent premature aging
  • Have them cleaned and conditioned for the upcoming season
  • Protect from mold, mildew, humidity, heat, light and dryness
  • Protect from theft, fire and water damage.
  • Have them inspected by our Expert Staff and our master Furrier.

Before you place your furs into storage, we professionally clean and condition them so that they are in superior condition.

Call us about pick-up and delivery options.